The essence of my paintings and sculptures is the wisdom found in the deep, rich, and often complex souls of women. As I navigate a new phase of life, I reflect often on the subject of women and wisdom. While studying what it means to be a wise woman, I see that wise people choose to face life's challenges directly, and consequently emerge stronger and wiser. Observing women as they love, share, learn, and forgive, while living contentedly and fearlessly, is the power behind my work.

I work in visual symbols and metaphor. In my paintings, the absence of a human neck represents a disconnect between the mind and soul. Cages illustrate the desire to capture wisdom. Ladders imply movement between the mind and heart. Springs represent the resilience of the spirit. Women wearing bird beaks show their desire to become like birds and hope for the freedom that comes with wings. Further manifesting expressions of women in my sculpture, I use fabric, clay, and fabricated sculpture.

The transformative power of art is central to my artwork. The ability of art to impact individual lives as well as create greater social change has helped me to find my passion for using art to help others. Through my art, I desire to help viewers discover and embrace their talents, insights, and goodness to help create a kinder and more peaceful world. I am grateful for my art it has given me growth as an artist and as a woman.

I received her bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Fashion Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Following graduation, I completed an apprenticeship with 7th Ave designer Perry Ellis. After an award-winning career as a fashion designer in New York and Atlanta, I returned to my passion of fine art, creating art from my studio over-looking the beauty of Alaska's Southeast Passage.

Carmel Anderson

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Ketchikan:The Artists This film is about the amazing and prolific arts community in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Carmel is the opening voice in The Opening Chapter and seen near the end in the Visual Arts Chapter.

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