Inner Chatter
Inner Chatter
Inner Chatter expresses the inner voice we hear that encourages us to make wise choices.

The Wise Women series is not only about my story but the story of all women who seek to live meaningful and grand stories, i.e., lives with a clear sense of purpose and magnificence. I began reflecting on the subject of women and wisdom when I realized that I wanted my life to be a better story. Pondering the concept of wisdom, I observed, studied and reflected upon what it might mean to be "a wise woman." Iíve come to see that wise people have chosen to face the challenges of life directly, and consequently emerge stronger and wiser. Observing these women as they love, learn, give to others and forgive, while living contentedly and fearlessly, this is what inspired me to create these images.

In conveying the joy, grace and elegance inherent in Wise Women who live full and rich lives, I share echoes of my inner self. My hope is that this work resonates with your soul and inspires you to live a truly epic story.

Carmel Anderson
Ketchikan, Alaska
Single card: Inner Chatter
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